2017 April 21

Deciding on the Right Diamond – The Four C’s

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So the special day has arrived for you to finally pick a diamond ring! Good for you. But picking the perfect diamond ring is overwhelming. It has to be just right for the occasion sure, but there are certain things you need to keep in mind these are called the 4 Cs that will help you in picking the perfect diamond ring for her:


The first most and most essential aspect of a ring is its appearance and it comprises of its shape and workmanship’s quality.

Some popular diamond shapes are princess, marquise, pear shaped, oval, asscher, heart shape and round brilliant cut. Variety of other shapes is available as well. Though you could ask her the cut she likes best, but wouldn’t it be great if you got a ring she loved?

Observe a little and see the types of ring she normally wears. That would definitely help you.


Nothing can match that gorgeous sparkle of a white diamond, but you could choose from a variety of colors. The colors vary from colorless (the rare ones) to different shades of yellow diamonds that are less rare. Hints of yellow add to the personality of good made diamond.


Now diamonds happen to have some external and internal flaws which are technically called blemishes and inclusions. Based on how much they are visible, the decision is up to you to decide how much you are willing to get. SI-1 tends to be enough for those who need to stick to a budget and do not want to spend for rarity they are unable to see.

  • You could go for Flawless or Internally Flawless which is very expensive and very rare. But the grade that will make her proud to have always.


  • If you want the diamond to look flawless but you don’t want to pay for it, VVS1 or VVS2 are the clarity grades for you.


  • If your concern lies with flawlessness that naked eye can see, SI1 or SI2 clarity grades are just fine. Women love these and want to have this flawlessness!


  • Last but not the least, if small inclusions do not really bother you that might be visible to naked eye, and you wish to have a larger sparkling stone, I1 clarity is the one for you.



Carat is the last C you need to take care of. You might think size does not matter in the price of a stone. It does. And you can rest assured that its beauty shall not be affected. Now think about the size that you can get according to your quality preference. You need to know about diamond pricing extensively.

You are ready to buy a ring for her now. Getting engaged or married is one of the most important decisions of your life so you would like to get the quality that makes her happy. Do not let the cost become a burden and make a wise decision remaining proud of each other with full commitment!

From the Workshop: Making of Halo Diamond Rings

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Diamond rings are a beauty to look at. But ever wondered how they reach to this final beautiful form? The patience, craftsmanship and that dedication to create the perfect ring for your finger from scratch is incredible.

We think that we will select a metal for the band, a stone and a setting to mount the diamond and our work is done. But that is when the actual work starts as jewelers create the ring according to your choice one detailed step after the other.

Here is a sneak peek from the workshop of how diamond rings are made:

Creating Band:

A bar of Platinum or white gold is used to create the band. A bending machine works the metal bar into circular shape according to ring size of the wearer.

Closing Band:

Now by soldering, the band is closed up. For consistency so that entire ring is smooth, filler of the same material used for metal bar is used as filler material in soldering. Solder fills up the gap between the two ends of bar so that a band is formed. Flux paste is applied to keep it from oxidized under high pressure.

To remove any excess flux, it is placed in weak acidic solution after soldering. At this stage, the band is rounded out and formed smoothly with adjustments to get the required ring size.

Creating Rims of Halo Setting:

The process could differ according to type of settings. For halo diamond ring, leftover piece of bar is utilized to make it into arc to fit with circumference of band and the ends of arc are hammered to make them thin.

Flux paste is reapplied over the band and arc before soldering.

Gem Setting:

Now a leftover piece of bar is rolled to make oval setting punch. The metal is shaped into a conical form that is used to hold the diamond. Now this cup needs to be fitted to the bank so that final part if the ring is formed.

A wedge is created in the band using jeweler’s saw for the cup placing. Using filling of small specks of gold the cup is aligned with band so that the two are soldered .Curve on the inside is smoothened to remove the remaining rough edges.

Stone Mounting:

For gem setting, the ring is held securely in a ball clamp in a thermoset plastic. A small seat is carved out in the cup for the stone. Prongs are used to press the diamond downwards and special tool is used to hold it in place.

Ring Polishing:

The ring is put into hot water and washed thoroughly after the thermoplastic material has been removed. Last steps involve touch ups and ring polishing so that it gets a nice luster. For white gold rings, the rings get rhodium plating so it that a metallic sheen is achieved.

Now you know the immense dedication, patience and craftsmanship is what it takes to get that perfect ring for your lady!

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