Cultured or Minded Diamonds: Whats All the Fuss?

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Cultured or Mined diamonds, that is the question.

Cultured diamonds are also known as Synthetic diamonds or Man made diamonds. The Term Cultured can be misleading to the consumer so it must be backed up by the terms Synthetic or Man made. These types of diamond are grown in a laboratory whereas mined diamonds are found underground. They are identical, however cultured diamonds are created from the same diamond chips of a mined diamond. This is why a lot of jewellers cannot tell the difference. The only way you can tell them apart is by getting international laboratories to do tests on them. As they have specialised equipment to do so.

Eco Friendly.

Cultured diamonds benefit the environment. Whereas mined diamonds need digging, crushing, dissolving and the removal of tons of rocks. Whereas cultured diamonds are lab grown so they only need a small amount of graphite and electricity. An example of a cultured diamond is a product Moissanite that attempts to replicate a diamond. There are different kinds of diamonds found in the world and man made diamonds are now recommended.

Cultured diamonds can take up to approximately 100hrs to grow and can be as a large as 2 carats. They take less time to produce which lowers the costs to around 80 percent compared to that of mined diamond.

Diamond mining companies might have to change their marketing strategies to promote mined diamonds. Since man-made diamonds are growing in the jewellery market.

“Man-made diamonds make a real threat to the diamond mining industry. People give preference to what doesn’t make a threat to their budget which will meet their demands”

Chairman of the Rapaport Group.

The majority of the public who buy diamonds have no idea what cultured diamonds are, as they are identical to a mined diamond. Sometimes if you go to a particular jeweller you may purchase a cultured diamond that is more expensive than a mined diamond. As they may not have the full knowledge of where their diamonds came from.

To get round any of these probable circumstances always check the diamond certificate.

World’s First Diamond Ring: 150 Carats Of Pure, Unadulterated Bling

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Solid Diamond Ring
Now that’s a ring with some serious bling!
The Swiss jeweler Shawish has created an eye-popping ring that’s made entirely out of one 150-carat diamond.
No gold band. Just an ounce of pure ice.
The ring, valued at approximately $68 million, was unveiled last year in London to gasps of awe.
“A ring made entirely of a faceted diamond has always seemed like a fantasy,” Mohamed Shawish, president of Geneva-based Shawish Jewellery, according to press materials. “To create the perfect diamond ring is the epitome of art.”
Conceptualizing the ring was easy — building it was the hard part.
Shawish said it took a year to get the copyright for the design and then the company had to purchase a special laser to cut the diamond into the perfect circle for the band.
“Diamonds are made of carbon and molecules that can change. Even the colour can be altered when attempting to cut it,” he said.
The question now is, who will drop that much money on a diamond ring?
In December, an Asian buyer got a comparative bargain when he bought the late actress Elizabeth Taylor’s 33.19-carat ring she received as a present from husband Richard Burton.
He paid a mere $8.8 million at Christie’s.

How Is A Diamond Ring Made?

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Creating the final spectacle of a polished diamond ring can take years to master. Having an understanding of the construction of such a small object like a diamond ring is in fact very fascinating. If you’re wondering how using traditional Jewellery skills and techniques are used to make a diamond ring, then you might want to watch the video below.

This beautifully produced film by LionSorbet   for Jewellery Retailer Diamond Rocks is very clear, precise and will show you exactly what’s involved.

Creating a Bespoke Diamond Ring from Diamond Rocks on Vimeo.

The 8 steps for the construction of a diamond ring.

  • The metal is turned and shaped for the diamond.
  • The claws are then made for the design of the shank.
  • The claws are then attached to the shank.
  • The metal for the ring can then be filed and shaped.
  • The claws are then polished.
  • The claws will now be filed and shaped to hold the diamond in place.
  • A final polish is given to achieve the perfect look.
  • The new diamond ring is now ready for purchase.
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