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Have you noticed when you browse jewelry stores everything looks so similar? If you’re bouncing from store to store and can’t find the perfect engagement or wedding ring maybe what you need a custom jeweler.  It’s your opportunity to add a personal touch to your next custom engagement ring.

Time to Learn

Learn about the type of jewelry that your significant other likes and what you see with their personality. Decide if you want your custom jewelry to incorporate a level of cultural or family value to it. Also, take note of what is popular and trending today. It can help you decide features you like and don’t like to incorporate with your custom ring.

Express Yourself

Creating a custom engagement ring is a change for you to express yourself with something completely originally. The hardest part for you may be what do you want to the ring to ultimately “say” when your significant looks at it everyday.  It can be tough to figure this part of the ring out but with a enough research and scanning existing designs you’ll come up with it.

Don’t Forget The Wedding Band

Keep in mind the whole point of the engagement ring is knowing a wedding band will follow! Have fun with the custom engagement ring but keep in mind she will accompany it with a wedding band.  Make sure when you design the engagement to keep the band in mind! You want to coordinate the entire custom design process.

Custom Jewelry Pricing

Custom rings tend to be a bit more expensive than off the shelf but for good reason. This is a completely unique ring that only you and your significant other will share. When you work with a custom jeweler you want to ensure you’re receiving world class service. It’s important to keep your budget in mind and design within that.

Take Your Time

When you decide to build a custom engagement ring remember to take your time. Do your research on design, setting, stone and make sure to find a custom jeweler you can work with! Sometimes it can be a back and forth process in the early stages making sure everything is just right as the design process gets going. It’s important to have a line of communication with your custom jeweler.

Find Your Perfect Custom Jeweler

If you find a custom jeweler you like make sure to ask about the credentials and experience. It’s important you go with a custom designer that knows the business and will take care of you from start to finish. We look forward to working with you at Eaton Custom Jewelers in Plano!


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