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A large jewel made look better in a necklace, but a two small diamonds from your grandmother’s wedding ring may look best in a set of earrings with some additional jewels. From the outside, the working day of custom Jewelers In Plano may appear to be a rather unsociable one. Isolated away for hours on end, concentrating on creating their latest masterpiece; you would be forgiven for thinking they enjoy being solitary creatures. The first thing you need to decide on is what piece of jewelry you would like. This decision can depend upon whether or not you are trying to incorporate gems from existing pieces.

For many customs Jewelers In Plano, nothing could be further from the truth. Much of their time is spent meeting with customers and understanding exactly what it is they want in their custom jewelry. As custom jewelers are people too, it’s not hard to imagine that this can often be their favorite part of the job. Think about how often you want to wear the piece. Consider colors and whether or not it is practical for you to have a piece made that might not coordinate with your other jewelry. It is important to have specific ideas about the piece itself and how often you will be wearing it.

Jewelers In Plano

The social aspect of these meetings cannot be overstated, and real relationships are built between customer and jeweler throughout the series of meetings that occur. With the current state of the economy, jewelers are carrying less inventory than in previous years, so if you are looking for a specific piece of jewelry and can’t find it, you may want to consider having a piece custom made. Surprisingly enough, having jewelry custom made is not significantly more expensive than buying it already constructed. There are a few things to keep in mind as you research jewelers who will help you design your custom piece of jewelry.

Finding the Right Jewelers In Plano for Your Engagement Ring

The first time you meet with your custom Jewelers In Plano, a large part of the appointment is really about breaking the ice and getting to know each other a little better. Your jeweler needs to understand what you want, and they like to get right inside your head to make sure they get the final piece exactly right.

You also must determine how much money you can spend on a custom piece of jewelry. Come up with the amount you want to spend, and then determine how much beyond that amount you are willing to pay for carat. This extra amount will be helpful to keep in mind when you are interviewing jewelers.

 There are many jewelers who specialize in custom jewelry, but it is important to find a reputable jeweler who is willing to listen to your ideas. The jeweler should provide you with drawings of the piece for which you are looking.

A piece of custom jewelry for a unique anniversary gift

For your custom jeweler, witnessing the joy on your face the moment you open the box is priceless; many jewelers actually rank this split-second as the favorite part of their entire job. Working with your custom jeweler to ensure your final piece is exactly what you had in mind is an ongoing process, but it’s not one that should intimidate you. It’s a process that sees a relationship built. Once the piece is complete and the time comes to say goodbye, you might find it isn’t just the beauty of your jewelry that makes you a little emotional.

Looking for the right jeweler to help you custom design your engagement ring

Perhaps a relative has left you with a piece of jewelry that doesn’t fit you. It is very easy to have the gems in the piece taken out and set into a piece suited to you. Custom made jewelry is also the way to obtain the exact piece of jewelry that you desire. Custom jewelers are sociable creatures, and they enjoy getting to know their customers every bit as much as they enjoy crafting their fine jewelry. Custom made jewelry is a unique way of expressing yourself or wearing a loved one’s old gems.

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Some custom Jewelers In Plano are more experienced, and therefore charge more money for their work. You may be able to get a less experienced jeweler to construct the same piece for less money. Obtain at least three bids for the piece of jewelry. Because custom jewelry is such an individualized production, it is a good idea to communicate with the jeweler at various stopping points in the production. Ask to see the molds before the metal is cast. Insist on seeing the setting before the gems are inserted.

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