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One important reason for shopping at locally owned jewelry stores is that their pieces are of better quality. Buyers for these small businesses hand-select diamonds and other precious stones for their pieces. As a result, shoppers can expect to find larger stones of better quality than they might find with a chain. Additionally, designers paying careful attention to detail will assemble the raw materials into a few designs that suit the tastes of their clientele.

Designers at Local Jewelry Plano stores are happy to help couples create a custom engagement ring setting that is meaningful and unique. Customers shopping for vintage jewelry can often find estate pieces at local shops. Art deco and Edwardian styles set in platinum are frequently sold by independent shops on behalf of the owner.

Local Jewelry Plano

Meeting All Your Jewelry Needs

Whether you are looking to redesign your current piece of Local Jewelry Plano or want to design a one-of-a-kind wedding ring, our jewelry experts will listen to your needs, discuss your desires, likes and dislikes and make the process fun and exciting.These styles are becoming a popular choice for engagement rings and are not sold in gold chains.

Jewelry will buy your gold in any shape, with or without stones. We will weigh your pieces in front of you and help you decide if selling, trading, or just remounting would be your best option. On the other hand, buy their diamonds and finished pieces in bulk. The raw materials are commercial grade, not fine, and assembled overseas in quantities so large that quality control is difficult.

Stay in the loop for Local Jewelry Plano new arrivals

We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest fashion trends in fine jewelry. We continually add new products to our collection of today’s favorite pieces. Please select from our top designers below to see a preview of some of the most current offerings in our store.

With the help of longtime, valued employees, we promises to continue the standard set by her parents of unsurpassed personalized customer service. Repeat customers agree that the attention to detail and the personal service tailored to each client provides an exceptional experience. Jewelry purchases are for a lifetime and Jewelry strives to make each customer a lifetime customer.

Our stunning selection of fashion jewelry lets you dress to impress without breaking the bank. From necklaces and earrings, to bracelets and rings, we offer the latest trends from some of the industry’s most popular designers. They take pride in their work and make an effort to stay up-to-date on trends, market prices and developments in the industry. Repeat business from loyal customers and referrals are incentive to provide outstanding service.

The ultimate goal behind the custom jewelry aspect of our Jewelry, is to exemplify the unique beauty of what you are aspiring to bring to life, while also ensuring the quality of the craftsmanship. With thirty plus years of extensive experience and attention to every element that goes into such a rare, one of a kind piece, we believe our design team can accent and channel exactly what you have envisioned and so much more!

It seems these days that jewelry stores are everywhere these days

No one can argue that there is any lack of choice when it comes to shopping for jewelry. As is usually the case, with large amounts of companies in any market place, not all companies are created equal. The level of expertise and customer service found at local jewelry stores is beyond compare. Many of these businesses have been in the same family for many years.

Most jewelry stores pride themselves on their reputation and customer service. Local Jewelry Plano is usually a high ticket item with emotional attachment involved. Horror stories are unfortunately not uncommon and most people will have heard of unethical jewelers disrupting wedding days or anniversaries with bad service and false promises.

Actually visit local jewelry stores and see how they present themselves and how they treat you. If their store looks bad and the staff treat you rudely or ignores you. You have pretty much had an opinion of the store ready made for you. If the store looks very nice and the staff treat you and the stores items with respect. Chances are you have found a good and maybe even best, local jeweler.

Once you have found a jewelry store that fits you criteria, shop them a little. Sit and talk with a sales associate. Ask them to show you a few pieces of jewelry and inform you about warranties, return policies etc. If the sales associate is friendly, knowledgeable, and patient, you are seeing very good signs.

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Any jewelry store can have good days and bad days with regards to their associates treatment of customers. But, the best local jewelers will always make sure the staff are professional at all times and the store is immaculate. Presentation and customer service is key to any business, in jewelry stores it is vital, and the best local jewelers know this fact and make it a priority in everything they do. With a little bit of research and footwork it is a lot easier to find a jeweler that will meet and possibly exceed your expectations. Good luck in finding the best local jeweler for you!

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