Insurance Replacement Appraisals

Purpose: A replacement value report is used by your insurance company to provide descriptive and value information to insure your jewelry items against loss or damage.


Estate Jewelry Appraisals

Purpose: Used for estate valuation purposes, it is necessary to determine inheritance taxes on individual estates. Fair market value as defined by the IRS is used and a listing of comparable sales is required by law for this type of valuation.


Divorce Settlement/Dissolution Of Marriage (Equitable Distribution)

Purpose: For equitable division of community property, fair market value is used.

Jewelry Appraisals While You Wait

All appraisals are by appointment. For one or two items an appointment usually take 20 minutes to take the notes. Each article of jewelry is measured, weighed and described in details, metal content determined and setting described. It includes a digital picture of the item on the appraisal report. You will not need to leave your jewelry in most cases.  Your appraisal will be mailed to you or you can pick them up the following week.

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