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Buying an engagement ring and finally asking the big question is surely one of the most significant things a person does in life. There is so much emotion and value involved in the situation that it can become quite a difficult decision as well.

Some people are lucky to pass on a family heirloom, which makes the moment even more special. On the other hand, some will make it special buying a custom engagement ring made to perfect right here in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex.

Whenever you are buying customized engagement rings or any custom jewelry for that matter, there are certain elements to be considered carefully.

We have outlined a few tips to help you get the best custom engagement rings or custom jewelry for any special occasion:


Decide a Custom Engagement Ring Price Point

Budget is the step you should begin from. Valuable jewelry is always expensive; add a custom design and it will cost more. Certain design elements can cost more but you can always ask your designer to suggest alternatives. With a little smart decision making, you can fit a quality design within your budget.

Choosing the Custom Engagement Ring Style

This is perhaps the most difficult element to decide when it comes to selecting an engagement ring style. There are so many styles available in the market. You can choose from traditional to ornate or minimalistic. Take your time when selecting the perfect engagement jewelry style.

When choosing the style, focus on what your significant other likes and their personality. You can consider style aspects like the width of the band and the height of setting. Most importantly, choose something practical because the custom engagement ring will wear over time.

Engagement Ring Setting

The setting chosen for the center diamond and the surrounding stones greatly impact the stability and the appearance of the ring. You can choose from the prong, flush, cluster, bezel, tension, channel and pave settings. You can discuss the merits of each one with your designer and ask them to show you a sample.

Selecting the Perfect Diamond

The frame in one thing but the diamonds are the elegance of custom engagement rings. You need to be quite careful with choosing the loose diamond and always collaborate with a credible jeweler in this regard. When selecting the right diamond, never forget the 4 Cs, namely the cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

Size of Your Custom Ring

You really don’t want your efforts go to waste realizing that your customized engagement ring does not fit. Firstly, if you can somehow get the size of the ring confirmed before ordering the custom ring, it is well and good. However, as a precaution, always make sure your designer or the jewelry store can offer a resizing.

Engagement is a significant occasion in one’s life. Therefore, it is no surprise that it needs to be special and customized engagement rings can really help accomplish it. However, it is necessary to be careful and rational when buying custom jewelry. It is not just about valuing the sentiments but respecting your investment as well.

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