How Is A Diamond Ring Made?

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Creating the final spectacle of a polished diamond ring can take years to master. Having an understanding of the construction of such a small object like a diamond ring is in fact very fascinating. If you’re wondering how using traditional Jewellery skills and techniques are used to make a diamond ring, then you might want to watch the video below.

This beautifully produced film by LionSorbet   for Jewellery Retailer Diamond Rocks is very clear, precise and will show you exactly what’s involved.

Creating a Bespoke Diamond Ring from Diamond Rocks on Vimeo.

The 8 steps for the construction of a diamond ring.

  • The metal is turned and shaped for the diamond.
  • The claws are then made for the design of the shank.
  • The claws are then attached to the shank.
  • The metal for the ring can then be filed and shaped.
  • The claws are then polished.
  • The claws will now be filed and shaped to hold the diamond in place.
  • A final polish is given to achieve the perfect look.
  • The new diamond ring is now ready for purchase.

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